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SOURCEShip Connect

SOURCEShip Connect streamlines your shipping and invoicing process.

Under the brands AgileShip Connect™ and SourceShip Connect™ we seamlessly integrate your ERP to UPS WorldShip®, FedEx Ship Manager®, DHL EasyShip®, Stamps.com®, Banyan® LTL portal and other national and regional carriers*. Shipments are processed on your company's own carrier accounts and are rated with rates that you stipulate - negotiated or otherwise. This greatly increases accuracy and your company’s shipping data visibility, simplifies your shipping process, reduces cost and improves customer service.
  • SOURCEShip Connect enhances your investment by connecting your existing shipping carrier software such as UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager to your ERP, thereby increasing the value of both applications. This allows for a fast uncomplicated implementation requiring limited training and simple setup. SOURCEShip Connect provides a real-time interface to shift decision making from the warehouse to the front office. The integration gives your business a real-time view, via the ERP, to information such as actual freight and shipping fees, true order status, and prevents the shipping of invalid orders.

  • Using SOURCEShip Connect will ensure that the correct parcel information, tracking numbers and shipment weight are transmitted to the sales order, thus preparing the order for invoice without duplicate data entry. The integration further ensures that the correct service level is assigned to the shipment while also providing the information needed for Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) through the ERP.

Will operate in the cloud or on-premise.

SOURCEShip Connect Key Features
  • Integrates directly with the ERP, no server installation required
  • Apply a range of business rules to individual shipments
  • Consolidate multiple orders to a single shipment
  • COD order values are assigned directly to shipments
  • Apply package dimensions provided by your ERP
  • Automatically insure shipments based upon parcel contents
  • Optionally assign “Ship From” name for Blind/Drop shipments
  • Process both international and domestic shipments 
  • Commercial or residential delivery
  • Reports freight costs assigned to orders with published and discounted rates
Standard UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, DHL EasyShip, Stamps.com, Banyan LTL Portal and other carrier reporting is available.

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