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Kewill.Ship™ Enterprise is a browser-enabled application for organizations seeking an enterprise-wide multi-carrier system, managed through centralized administration tools. With one server to manage, administrators gain more flexibility and control over systems maintenance, and thereby eliminate the need to perform software updates and compliance changes from multiple locations.

Hosted on a Windows/NT® server, front-office users can submit shipments from any enterprise-wide location. This browser-based technology supports deployment over a wide variety of technologies such as LAN, WAN, and Intranet.
High speed processing for volume shipping is achievable through our warehouse automation component.

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  • Automate shipping for UPS, FedEx Express, DHL, US Postal Service, Airborne, LTLs and generic carriers.
  • Submit shipments via a common browser from any enterprise location.

  • Provide virtual storefronts for securing orders without limiting your ability to distribute from multiple locations and suppliers.

  • Gain more flexibility and control over systems maintenance with centralized system administration.

  • Streamline your shipping process for all major carriers and LTLs.

  • Generate extensive shipment and labor savings.

  • Generate compliance labels, forms, manifests, and reports.

  • Integrate with other business applications to eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Transmit electronic manifests to reduce paperwork and simplify billing.


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