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ShipLink middleware that integrates your company's ERP, WMS or Business Management System to carrier supplied software such as the UPS Worldship®. Using your company's unique business rules, ShipLink provides real-time data transfer of shipping related information (address, carrier service, freight costs, tracking numbers, e.g.) during parcel shipping transactions.

Putting control of shipping back into the right hands
Are the important decisions about your shipments made by a single shipping clerk? With a stand-alone shipping station this is exactly what is occurring. ShipLink's easily configurable setup screens put control of shipping back into your hands. This integrated solution will eliminate the errors inherent in a process where information is read from a document and then typed into a computer.

In a busy warehouse mistakes and oversights result in revenue loss, customer service hassles and, most importantly, damage to your company's reputation. By ensuring the accurate transmission of order information, ShipLink removes the possibility of error and fraud.

Automating the shipping process and the flow of data
From ordering to invoicing to customer service ShipLink completes the business information cycle for each individual order.

Speeds up parcel processing by:
Removing decision making at the shipping station
Eliminating manual entry of data into the shipping computer
Getting rid of hand calculation of COD and insurance amounts

Speeds up Invoicing by:
Auto-transmission of freight charges to the customer's invoice
Auto-transmission of tracking numbers to the sales order

Enhances Customer Service by:
Ensuring immediate and accurate entry of tracking information
Advance Shipment Notifications allow customers to track their incoming shipments

Data Flow: Without integration the natural flow of data is interrupted by the shipping process. And this flow only resumes once the shipping process completes.


Supported Systems:


Aperum FACTS
JD Edwards
MAPICS SyteLine NxTrend
Royal4 WISE

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