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Kewill.FrontOffice is the ultimate customer service toolkit that, used in conjunction with your shipping system, offers visibility and control of parcel shipments, tracking, delivery, and late or lost package information enabling you to keep your delivery data updated and your customers informed as packages move towards delivery.

With Kewill.FrontOffice you can view, merge, search, track, email, export and report on your shipping data. Use Kewill.FrontOffice to populate your host system or Web site. Itís the perfect tool for the front office that needs access to warehouse data without the need for manifesting transactions.

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  • Automatic shipment tracking
  • Access up-to-the minute status information from carriers
  • Collaborate with everyone in your organization during the post-shipment process
  • Send shipment notification via email
  • Customize your user interface
  • Flexible reporting and export options
  • Single site or multiple company/location versions


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